What Peterborough, Ontario can learn from Karlstad, Sweden

In a series of three articles published recently in the Peterborough Examiner, Paul Sobanski and Al Slavin compare Karlstad, Sweden, with Peterborough, Ontario with a particular focus on the differences in their success in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Sweden and Canada share a northern climate, a love of hockey and a strong cultural identification with the wilderness. The city of Karlstad is surprisingly like Peterborough in many ways; it has a similar population, is built on a waterway, has a strong hockey team and a university, and GE has a significant presence.

Canada’s per capita GDP is almost identical to Sweden’s in spite of their carbon tax of around $100 per ton. Yet per person Swedes use less energy than Canadians, and produce far less greenhouse gas.

To see what we can learn from Karlstad and from Sweden, please read the three articles on the Examiner’s web site.

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