CHEX raising climate change awareness

We are grateful that the Morning Show on CHEX is being very supportive of our efforts to mobilize action to combat the coming climate catastrophe. Both Drew Monkman and Guy Hanchet have been interviewed recently.

CHEX have asked For Our Grandchildren to help find them people and to suggest topics that would be of local interest for short interview segments. They are even considering a longer format series beyond the 4 minute interviews.

We’ll keep you posted on future developments. Meanwhile here are a few recent interviews.

1 thought on “CHEX raising climate change awareness”

  1. I congratulate CHEX and its producers and staff on this very important initiative.

    I would be happy to speak to your producers about ideas, etc. I have worked as an environmental and energy lawyer since 1990 and I was an activist on energy conservation and climate change starting as a student caat Trent U. in the late 1970s.

    I have solar panels on my house at the corner of Burrows and Charlotte Streets near Monaghan.

    I was fortunate to participate in international climate change negotiations in Geneva, Bergen, Norway and Washington, DC that led up to the Rio conference in 1992.

    I have written reports and documents on climate change for decades, and for 16 years I was senior lawyer at the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. The ECO has a mandate to review and report on progress on climate change (or lack of).

    In 2016 I coauthored a review of Ontario’s controversial Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009.

    Recently I prompted a debate on the Ontario Green program on electric vehicles. See my posts on LinkedIn.

    Regards David McRobert
    647 234 4677


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