Resources for action on limiting/adapting to climate change

Keep informed

Join a local organization working to limit or adapt to climate change.

  • For Our Grandchildren (4RG): – Its goal is to educate and motivate people for action on climate change.
  • Localizing the Leap: – Meets once per month for either a public meeting on climate change issues, or for working groups on Alternative Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Transit, Democratic Reform, Banking Reform, International Trade & Corporatization.
  • Transition Town Peterborough: – Uses economic localization to reduce our community-wide dependence on fossil fuels while increasing local community resilience and self-sufficiency in food, water, energy, culture and wellness. For example, sponsors the Dandelion Day Festival and Purple Onion Festival every year.
  • Council of Canadians (Peterborough Chapter): Phone Roy at 705-745-2446. Part of the Canada-wide CoC, works on issues such as water protection, social, economic and environmental justice.
  • Greenspace Coalition: – A citizen-based public interest group made up of organizations and individuals working to protect and promote greenspaces in the City of Peterborough, Ontario.
  • Peterborough Pollinators: – A co-creative initiative to spread pollinator gardens throughout Peterborough.
  • Kawartha World Issues Centre: – Mostly for youth, centered at Trent University. Works on a range of social and environmental issues.
  • OPIRG (Peterborough): A student organization focussing on education and action on social justice and environmental issues.
  • Nourish Peterborough: – A multi-sector collaborative that focuses on access to healthy, local food, skills development, and advocacy.
  • Peterborough Field Naturalists: – Promotes nature conservation, education, and active outdoor lifestyles in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.
  • Peterborough GreenUP:  – Focuses on issues of environmental education, sustainability.

Send letters to Politicians

It is useful to copy your letters to the opposition parties, so they can pressure the governments.

Federal: All posted letters and postcards go to House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6. No stamp needed.

Provincial: All posted letters and postcards to Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M7A 1A8. Stamp needed.


Possible sentences (It helps to ask for a reply, to encourage action!)


  1. I am really concerned about the effects of climate change on my children and grandchildren. Please act now to save their future!

Federal politicians

  1. Canada’s tar sands are the 3rd largest oil deposit in the world, and processing it causes 20% more CO2 pollution per barrel than conventional oil. Using all the tar sands would push the world’s temperature over the 2-degree limit at which climate change becomes “serious”. I urge you to be morally responsible and leave the tar sands in the ground.
  2. Canada was instrumental in having the Paris agreement strive for just 1.5 degrees of global warming, yet has made only a weak commitment to reduce its own CO2 output by 30% by 2030. Environment Canada said recently that the country was not on track to be close to this goal. Canada must develop a realistic action plan quickly.

Ontario politicians

  1. Heating/cooling of Ontario residences is a major source of greenhouse gases, and 1% of the housing stock is new every year. Every house that is built at less than maximum efficiency will be a CO2 burden for at least the 50-year life of the house. The province must go to a net-zero-energy building code within the next two years.

 Peterborough city politicians

  1. Houses in Peterborough city produce about 40% of the city’s greenhouse gases. The Climate Change Action Plan commits the City to do deep retrofits on 40% of houses by 2031. Please develop a plan to get this started quickly, or we’ll never meet this target. (Similar numbers apply to the townships in Peterborough County. Check their Climate Change Action Plans.)
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